Advice for Business Owners Moving Homes

Businessmen tend to travel often. Many have operations that span two (or more) states and are, consequently, “seasonal” residents – they spend half their time in one state and the rest in the other. Needless to say, this can be a real juggling act. They have to look after multiple homes and business locations, not to mention tend to family obligations at the same time.

Expert Velocity offers these simple tips that can make life easier if you’re one such entrepreneur:

Have a pre-move routine going

When you move from one residence to another, it helps to get a routine of pre-move tasks going. This allows you to get organized and take care of important move or business-related details:

  • Informing service providers: You may need to cancel or suspend subscriptions.
  • Mail arrangements: You may want to have your mail forwarded to a new address.
  • Medical records: Your new doctor may require a copy of your medical records.
  • School: Your child’s school may need to be informed of their departure.
  • Cleaning: Your house may need to be cleaned a final time.
  • Informing stakeholders: Your employees, partners, suppliers, or similar may need to be informed of your plans.

Have a post-move routine going

Having a routine to fall back on after you move into your new residence can help you settle in faster. Some examples of tasks to think about are stocking the fridge, informing the HOA, and reactivating your subscriptions. Also, having a personal routine can help you get back into the work mindset. For instance, maintaining your bedtime, diet, exercise routines, and similar gives your mind and body a sense of continuation, which can help you focus better.

Maintain your home when you’re away

When you’re occupying one home, the other will be empty. It will need to be maintained and kept safe. You can hire caretakers or house sitters to keep an eye on your home when you’re away. Having a handyman on call should help if something needs to be fixed. Asking the cops or neighbors to look in on the house from time to time is also a good idea. Also, you will need to make arrangements for payments related to the house – such as insurance, taxes, and management fees. Last, you may consider renting out your home to make some extra cash.

Protect your family

Keeping your family safe should be a priority, especially if they don’t travel with you. You could, for instance, get a remote surveillance system installed on your property and have it backed up by a smart security system. Items like emergency lights, radios, smart locks, and first aid kids should help make them safer. If purchasing any products for your family, read in-depth reviews from unbiased sources.

Work with professionals to automate key business tasks

You can make managing your business simpler by working with professionals. For instance, you can hire a registered agent to handle your business’ official correspondence and paperwork (among other things) on your behalf when you’re away. You can also partner up with Expert Velocity to grow your business. For instance, The Brand Accelerator service is a hands-off way to grow your brand in 6 months.

Save money by keeping an eye on average costs

When you live in multiple states, figuratively, you have a unique opportunity to save costs. You can purchase items in the state they’re cheapest in. For instance, if you own a car, you can get car insurance in a cheaper state. The same applies to multiple other things. Knowing average costs further helps you budget for travel and living expenses. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect to pay for essentials in popular locations:


When you move between multiple homes, it’s normal to feel unsettled (some people even develop a mental health condition). It’s important to get a good routine going and build a solid support network, whether that’s your family and friends or the people you work with, for a sense of stability and normalcy.

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