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Interview: Niel Davidson

Neil is as close to a natural-born entrepreneur as I’ve ever met. Starting at an early age before he left school he’s owned and created a vast range of successful business, across many industries.

If you don’t know Neil directly, you certainly know some of his creations…

Ever purchased meat from the supermarket, those ‘meat pads’ that lay beneath the meat soaking up the meat juice to keep the presentation perfect – yep Neil invented that.

His Dad invented the Hoola-Hoop no less.

And there’s certainly some of his inventions you’ve never heard of – Udder wipes anyone?

One interview doesn’t do Neil any justice, but it’s a least a start.

Here’s just a few of the great points we cover during this interview;

  • Don’t sell anything you wouldn’t buy yourself
  • Business Culture & Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Business Environment & Right Philosophy
  • The world gives you a clue about success!
  • Entrepreneurs as heroes!
  • Poker teaches you about business
  • Genuine feedback as always valuable
  • Articulate Angelou’s poet

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