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Interview: Clinton Swaine

Clinton, is for me the undisputed master when it comes to delivering experiential business growth events –

I’ve attended many events around the world, some great speakers, great educators, and great motivators – but what Clinton does is highly unique.

Now I get that you probably have no intention of ever attending an event like this, but that just might change after you watch this interview with the Founder and Owner of Frontier Trainings Clinton Swaine.

Here are just a few of the great points we cover during this interview;

• Psychology of Immersion; “Power of 2 Minds”
• Immersive Learning & Development; “Whole-body learning”
• Creative Freedom; “Less Schooled Performs Best”
• Negotiation Game
• Immersive Learning Environment
• Millionaires’ Market Game
• Experiential Investment Game

Let’s dive in, select your preferred format below

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Which part of the interview got you thinking the most?

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