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So I wanted to do a little video about some work we’ve been doing recently. So very guilty of not actually talking much about the designs we’ve produced and a really should improve that.

So here’s a, here’s a start, I guess one of the reasons I particularly thought to do a little video now, it’s ’cause this project was actually doing some design work for a company, which is a team of designers. So actually it was quite kind of flattering and also perhaps even challenging to come up with a piece of design that worked for them.

So we’ll see there, you know, there’s a team of I don’t know, 10, 12 designers at this particular company, company’s called

This is the website. So a lot of content here, something that’s been quite a bit of time on over the last sort of couple of years refining. And when I sort of came on board this role, it was really it was quite a deep design job actually, it was really to get involved at quite a deep level, really get to grips of what is the fundamental service that we’re offering, who we offering that for, why, and what’s the best way to communicate that. So, you know, it took quite a few sort of consultations and various meetings and using various tools to kind of undercover, uncover the real value that provide an they’re providing a phenomenal service but it’s just a way of packaging that up.

So let me just jump over to the new website that we are just creating. I’m about to go live on probably a little bit later today. And here you can see we’ve come up, we’ve adjusted the logo here shown up at the top left-hand side and it’s up to you how you interpret that logo. But what we wanted to include, there was some reference to day or night or so about time, things like that. And I won’t go into too much detail about that.

I was gonna say quite a different colour palette, quite a different approach, really simplifying down the message here.

First, I just really explain it who we are working with. So we’re just basically listing the types of companies that the company works with. And then a statement, a quite a bold statement about what we can offer. And primarily a fundamental service we offer is improving the business performance of the companies they work with. Here we got the introduction to the founder and a sort of pop up video. I won’t show that here.

Do you work late designing…

And actually all the content video, it’s a great video actually. So if you do have a look you’ll get to see that. It’s quite a short succinct video, I think is about a minute long. Took a lot of work to kind of engineer what is the exact sort of pitch for that. And I think Ash did a great job of putting that together and delivering that.

Then we’ve got some bullet points for the, you know, the service and the benefits working with the company, a bit about the process. And you’ll see all these slides they’re quite elegant, they sort of slide in there. There’s a degree of beauty about them. We do a lot, the company does a lot of presentation documents, PowerPoint documents. We’ve got a before slide. This is how people might provide the content to the company. And this is what it looks like after it’s been overnight designed.

Here We got a video testimonial from one of the clients, Heineken. I won’t show that here.

Here, basically some stats about the benefits of working with a company. And the stats are amalgamated data, based on all the SAS companies I work with across Europe and America as well. So pretty phenomenal results which comes back to the headline here, at basically about trebling the performance. And then we just talk about the three main fields that the company works with. That works with a lot of pitch decks. They do a lot of explainer videos and then moving more and more into in training and LMS design. So it’s an Asia based company. So they produce the work overnight whilst their UK and American clients are sleeping and it’s all delivered to them back into the inbox before they wake in the morning. And it’s just some of the companies that they work with. I’ve got some more testimonials here, and it’s a little video popups, kind of won’t display that here. And these have been verified by an external company.

And the last slide is a call to action to basically book a demo with the company. So that’s a little run through about what we’ve done there. I’m really pleased with this solution. I think it’s skews upon a night and day different solutions that they had before. And ultimately it’s going to be much more effective at communicating their values. That’s it for me, if you’re interested in something like that let me know, and I’m sure we can help, bye for now.

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