How to hire the best people to help you reach your marketing goals

If you’re struggling to reach your sales and marketing goals, consider hiring outside of your company. By adding a few members to your team, you could make a significant difference in the growth of your business.

What to Look For in Sales and Marketing Professionals

Finding and hiring new talent is a major part of marketing. There are many considerations when seeking out new employees for your business. But before you start looking for sales and marketing professionals, it’s important to assess what you need to make your business successful.

A great place to start is by defining your goals. What are the 3-5 most important things that you want to accomplish in the next year? 

If you know what your goals are, then you can focus on finding the right people who will help you reach those goals. For example, if your goal is to grow revenue and market share, then it would be beneficial to find someone with experience in sales or marketing.

Another thing to consider before hiring a sales or marketing professional is their personality. You want someone who is driven and enthusiastic about your company’s goals because they will be more likely to put in the extra hours necessary to achieve success. 

See if they have a track record of achieving their own personal goals. If so, then they should have no problem benefiting you by helping your company reach its goals.

Pros of Hiring Freelancers or Full-Time Staff

There are many benefits to hiring freelancers or full-time staff. If you hire a freelancer, you won’t have to worry about any benefits they would be entitled to. You will also be able to give them assignments as needed without having to worry about the cost of adding them permanently.

However, if you decide to hire a full-time employee or freelancer and they leave your company, then you could end up having to pay their severance package. And if you don’t have the funds necessary for this, it can really put a dent in your business cash flow.

Cons of Hiring Freelancers or Full-Time Staff

Freelancers grow tired of working for one company, which means their commitment will never be as strong as someone who is full-time. Freelancing quotes can also be expensive and frustrating when you don’t know how much work will come in each month or week. 

When you hire a freelancer, they also may not bring any extra skills that your full-time staff doesn’t already have. But with a full-time employee, they usually come with more skills than just their specific job description.

If you use Instagram

Many companies, particularly smaller companies can use Social Media to increase their reach and exposure to their market. One of these growing popularity with businesses right now is Instagram.

When sharing an image on Instagram, keep in mind that you may have to resize your photo to fit the platform’s upload requirements. Fortunately, you can utilize an online resizing tool to easily resize an image for Instagram. All you have to do is upload your image, choose the Instagram image type you want to resize your photo, and download it to use however you wish.


Another way to give your sales team a boost is by optimizing the content on your website for search engine optimization (SEO). 


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