Innovate to Survive – Part 2

Interview: Stuart Lloyd

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Part 2:

Really fantastic video-cast and podcast with Stuart Lloyd. Stu really is an expert on Innovation. He’s been at the intersection of creativity and commerce for a long long time.

That’s why he’s flown all around the world to deliver in-house work shops with (among many others) Intel, CityBank, Johnson & Johnson, Colgate, and Adidas.

Some of the skills and techniques he shares are not easily accessible.

Here’s just a few of the areas we cover in this revealing interview;

  • Innovation culture
  • Is innovation important
  • External innovation
  • Where to start
  • Pizza pivot example
  • Sturgens law
  • Brainstorming is out-of-date
  • Familiar innovation
  • The Hollywood – High concept pitch
  • Radical innovation challenges
  • Pivoting, what does it mean
  • Power of Analogies
  • The 37 sec pitch
  • Pivot Power

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