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Interview: Paul Avins

Im a big fan of Paul Avins – he’s a business coach really working at the top of his game, delivering sensational value to his clients. A total joy to get on a call with him for this interview.

He gives amazing value and insights in this meeting, it’s all business gold.

Paul talks about the energy we need in business, and the energy pendulum that I’d never heard of before and makes total and utter sense to me. This was super valuable to me personally – so please look out for that I think you’ll find it valuable.

And how working alongside other business leaders from different fields can provide valuable insights that make huge improvements to our own businesses. Which has just given me a great idea!

And that’s what these interviews are about, providing sparks of ideas, opening doors, adding knowledge, skill and insights to you and your business.

Here’s just a few of the great points we cover during this interview;

  • Master People: “The Power of Surrounding Yourself with the Right People”
  • Outside Perspective – “Why It’s Essential to your Company’s Growth and Success”
  • Scalable Business: “Hacks That will Increase Your Results in a Big Way”
  • The 72-Hour Rule: “Ideas are Perishable”
  • The Power of Leverage: ”Tips for Leveraging your Time and Energy More effectively”
  • Technology and Teamwork: “Sustainable and Scalable Solutions”
  • Special Bonus – see below

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