Interview: Elliot Kay

It’s my privilege to speak with Elliot Kay, who is a very experienced speaker. One of the things that stands about Elliot is what I call his accessibility. In the nicest possible way Elliot is just a regular guy, that works his butt off, to get where he is today.

I’ve been in the crowd at one of Elliot’s first events with just a handful of other people, and a few days ago Elliot was speaking infant of an audience of 24,000 people! Wow – that’s huge.

In this interview we talk about a number of things, around the subject of speaking.

Including why speaking is more important now – than ever before. And honestly, he’s got a strong point, that I hadn’t really thought of before.

Elliot also shares his 2 step strategy to helping get over the fear-factor which I think we all get at times – and they are really solid techniques and something I personally need to do more of.

Here’s just a few of the great points we cover during this interview;

  • Art of Speaking: “More Important than ever”
  • Speaking As A Conversation: “How to Make a Big Impact!”
  • Learning Modalities In The “New Normal”
  • Upskill
  • Personification & Interactive Communication
  • The Value of Experience – “Reflective and unreflective Experience”
  • Personal Speaking Style & Consistency
  • Public Speaking: ”Matching Personality & Delivery”
  • Speaking Anxiety & Coping Strategies

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Which part of the interview got you thinking the most?

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