Visual Design Elements and Persuasion

Interview: Ash Pemberton

 In this interview we go into some deep detail with Mr Thailand (you’ll understand later) Ashley Pemberton, who has created close a million PowerPoint slides to date –

So as you might expect we go into some detail on the benefits of visual presentation aids, and how they can communicate our message better, and how best to construct them.

Here’s just a few of the great points we cover during this interview;

  • Visual Narrative (VN)
  • Design Models and Principles
  • “Quoted” Longer Words Instill Intelligence, and shorter words build trust
  • Chevrons
  • One Word Slide
  • Non-Linear Presentation
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Presentation Design Principles
  • Linear Presentation
  • Get the first Slide Right!
  • Bubble Person

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