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Online / Zoom calls:

Use one of the links below to book your next meeting. If you cannot find a date & time that works for you then send us an email with some dates and times you are available and we’ll find a way to make it work.

Face 2 Face meetings:

Use one of the links below to book your face to face meeting. You will need to confirm the physical location in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


You can send me a direct email here…


Any training videos will be shared here. Need help on something else – let me know here (provide as much detail as possible please).

Create Artwork Formats

  1. Convert design example into other formats
  2. Duplicate to create 2 sets. 1 set with Marketing 4 divorce badge. 1 set with YourLogo badge.
  3. Adjust artwork names correctly for both sets.
  4. Export artwork in jpeg format for all variations.

ReBrand Artwork

  1. Add logo into the various YourLogo areas inside the Symbols section
  2. Change the Brand Colour to the primary colour of the Logo
  3. Export all ‘YourLogo’ artwork variations and save into a suitable folder
  4. ‘Rename’ the artwork in the finder to add the company name to all the files you created.

Add Posts to Sendible Q

  1. Log-in to Sendible
  2. Click on Queues / “M4D – Q”
  3. Add posts text & image/video to the Q
  4. Add to my Facebook M4D page + my M4D Instagram account
  5. Make sure you add correct image for each platform
  6. Image must include the Marketing4Divorce badge
  7. Update your spreadsheet so you know this has been added to Q