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Crash Course for Authors - Simon K Williams

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An Inspirational Course to help you create (guess what) you’re own inspirational course. 

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Monetise your knowledge, experience and wisdom through an online course that likely sells for 100x the cost of your book.

For Authors

I'll show you exactly how to convert your book (even if it's not published yet) into an inspirational training course.

An online course

There's no better way to learn how to create an inspirational online course of your own, than by taking one yourself.

Save Time

Time is your most precious and valuable resource. Save months by following this step-by-step course.

I know how

I've converted my own book, and many others into powerful online courses. You will soon be able to do the same through this unique interactive course.

Fast Creation

It takes many people months, sometimes years to create their book. But once written it's only a few steps to turn that knowledge into a more powerful commercial product.

"I've found him to be a great big-picture thinker and a guy who really gets stuff done."
Stu Lloyd
Innovation Consultant @ HotHeads

"No easier way for Authors to create their own online course"

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