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Productize your wisdom

Stop trading time for money and leverage your expertise.

“If you keep swopping your time for money you'll never be free, and you'll never scale up.”

Simon Williams
Founder Expert-Velocity

Risk of trading time for money…

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    Injury / illness can stop income anytime.

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    No Scale:

    Income is limited due to the hours you work.

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    Always Working:

    Unpaid holidays. No retirement income.

Productize your business with a digital course.

'COURSE CRAFT' will teach you how to create an oustanding online course.

You will both learn and experience at the same time.

  • Where do I start?

    If you've never created an online course using deep engagment technology then it can all feel rather overwhelming.

    Don't worry we've got you covered…

    Course Craft will take you through the entire journey.

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    Learn: Why…

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      …Knowledge experts like you are creating online courses more than ever.

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      …You can expect engagement rates at 10x that of YouTube.

    • favorite

      …Customers love the Netflix model of personalised learning.

    • extension

      …The five critical ingredients your course needs for success.

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    Learn: How…

    • dynamic_feed

      …you can use existing content to create an amazing course.

    • military_tech

      …to create a course that's better than 90% of those currently available.

    • videogame_asset

      …to use gamification create deeply engaged students.

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      …to get your course on the shelf ready-to-buy in just 21 days.

“Personalized learning doesn’t just let students work at their own pace. It puts them in charge”

Bill Gates
Microsoft. Philanthropist


You will experience…

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    Experience an expertly crafted training course first-hand.

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    17 powerful engagements with limitless possibilities.

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    The future:

    Experience the future of knowledge delivery first-hand.


    Mobile first philosophy

    This course (and our platform) has been built with a mobile first methodology and works elegantly across all devices.

    Also available on the Android and iOS Apple app stores.

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Rapid growth

New tech allows us to engage in ways never possible before.

No wonder this industry is growing fast…

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    $325 Billion

    E-Tech is expected to be a $325 Billion industry (USD) by 2025

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    Compound growth

    ‘How to’ videos growing at 70% year-on-year

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    30 x ROI

    $1 spent on ETech achieves $30 in additional productivity

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    77% Businesses

    77% Of US companies use this tech to improve their business

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    Competitive advantage

    72% believe eTech gives them a competitive advantage

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    900% Growth

    ETech industry has grown nine-fold (900%) since the year 2000

Stop preaching. Start teaching

Over 1600 user engagements available! They include…

  • Drop-Zone Single

    Drop an image such as correct a answer into the drop-zone.

  • Drop-Zone Multiple

    Drop images such as correct answers, ingredients or components into the drop-zone.

  • Text-Drag

    Drag the words into their appropriate locations to complete the sentence correctly.

  • Type-Right

    Type in the correct value. Simple tool where a multiple choice question might be too easy.

  • Author-Selector

    Reveals an error message, or jumps forward in the video if the correct answer is selected.

  • Rapid-Fire

    Click through rapid fire questions using the easy-to-use multiple-choice technique.

Welcome to the future

Learning can be beautiful


  • Special Offer

    Standard $297.00
    • One time payment
    • 7 Modules
    • 17 interactive demos
    • Mobile-Optimized
    • Money Back Guarantee
    Early-Bird Discount


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Is 'COURSE CRAFT' guaranteed?

Yes. The course has a no quiblle full money back guarantee that lasts 2 years.

What devices can I access the course on?

All. This course is available on any computer or device that has internet access. That includes; mac’s, PC’s, Tablet devices, and any Smart Phone.

Is this course also available on Android?

Yes. Following your purchase you will be sent details how you can download the course via the Android app store.

Is this course also available on the Apple iOS App Store?

Yes. Following your purchase you will be sent details how you can download the course via the Android app store.

Is there a time limit to access the course?

Yes, it’s 10 years :)

Will a total technophobe be able to use this course?

Definitely. We guarantee it.

Is this just a series of videos?

No. Unlike some courses out there (we won’t mention any names (couch - Tim), (couch - Trey), this actually uses modern learning engagement technology to provide a vastly superior user experience. Its will also give you valuable taste of what is possible, and a valuable first-hand experience.

What if I change my mind?

That’s why we’ve created an insane guarantee. You can use the entire course, complete all the exercises, interactions, and if you feel for any reason that you want to claim our No quibble guarantee - then you’ll get your investment returned anytime within 2 years of purchase.


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    Risk free investment

    No-quibble, No-risk, 2-year Money-Back Guarantee