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Productize your wisdom

Stop trading time for money and leverage your expertise.

Risk of trading time for money…

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    Injury / illness can stop income anytime.

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    No Scale:

    Income is limited due to the hours you work.

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    Always Working:

    Unpaid holidays. No retirement income.

“If you keep swopping your time for money you'll never be free, and you'll never scale up.”

Simon Williams
Founder Expert-Velocity


The 3 biggest reasons experts give for not having a digital course…

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    1: Technology

    Don't know which tech or platform to use.

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    2: Content

    Don't know what type of content they need to create.

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    3: Time

    Don't have the time to create the product.

Productize your business with a digital course

Create a personalised digital course to liberate your business.

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  • Where do I start?

    If you've never created an online course using deep engagment technology then it can all feel rather overwhelming.

    Don't worry we've got you covered…

    We will take you through the entire journey.

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  • Learn why…

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      …Knowledge experts like you are creating online courses more than ever.

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      …You can expect engagement rates at 10x that of YouTube.

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      …Customers love the Netflix model of personalised learning.

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      …The five critical ingredients your course needs for success.

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  • Learn how…

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      …you can use existing content to create an amazing course.

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      …to create a course that's better than 90% of those currently available.

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      …to use gamification create deeply engaged students.

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      …to get your course on the shelf ready-to-buy in just 21 days.

“Personalized learning doesn’t just let students work at their own pace. It puts them in charge”

Bill Gates
Microsoft. Philanthropist

  • In perfect sync

    Your course syncronises perfectly across mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

    Also distributed through the Android and iOS Apple app stores.

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Rapid growth

New tech allows us to engage in ways never possible before.

No wonder this industry is growing fast…

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    $325 Billion

    E-Tech is expected to be a $325 Billion industry (USD) by 2025

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    Compound growth

    ‘How to’ videos growing at 70% year-on-year

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    30 x ROI

    $1 spent on ETech achieves $30 in additional productivity

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    77% Businesses

    77% Of US companies use this tech to improve their business

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    Competitive advantage

    72% believe eTech gives them a competitive advantage

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    900% Growth

    ETech industry has grown nine-fold (900%) since the year 2000

Stop preaching. Start teaching

Over 1600 user engagements available! They include…

  • Drop-Zone Single

    Drop an image such as correct a answer into the drop-zone.

  • Drop-Zone Multiple

    Drop images such as correct answers, ingredients or components into the drop-zone.

  • Text-Drag

    Drag the words into their appropriate locations to complete the sentence correctly.

  • Type-Right

    Type in the correct value. Simple tool where a multiple choice question might be too easy.

  • Author-Selector

    Reveals an error message, or jumps forward in the video if the correct answer is selected.

  • Rapid-Fire

    Click through rapid fire questions using the easy-to-use multiple-choice technique.

Welcome to the future

Learning can be beautiful

Productize your wisdom

Get paid when your not in the room (or taking a well-earned break).



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