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Simon K Williams |

Here's how you can use your book to create a great digital course…

This Masterclass is for Authors who want to create an outstanding digital course…

Unique Masterclass not available anywhere else.

As an author you’ve already done the hard work. 75% of your course has already been created! You already have the wisdom, knowledge, or insights that is of value to others. You also have the structure, and you may even the methodology.

Isn’t it time to now have the commercial product too?

As an author you’ve already done the hard work!

You have all the critical ingredients to make a great digital course. You just need the structure and the guidance to craft your wisdom into an outstanding digital course.

I’ve created a detailed presentation so you can achieve this yourself. In this presentation we’ll cover all of the critical points you need to create an outstanding digital course…

The benefits you will get…

Unique insights and benefits that include:


Learn the challenges and benefits. So that you can make an informed decision.


Learn how to future-proof your business so it can survive any situation.


There's 100s of training platforms. Learn how to select the perfect platform.


Create the perfect product family using your book, and training course/s.


Maximise your commercial opportunity, by leveraging your wisdom.


Work through the 7 book-2-course exercises and convert your book into a great course.

Your masterclass includes;

This 80 minute video presentation is packed full of value.

Get paid even when ill / retired

The 3 Author obstacles

How sell at higher price point

Author case study

Course growth rate

Product architecture with Darren Shirlaw

Leverage your knowledge

Publishing benefits

Goal exercise

Platform elements

Prepare for Go-Live

Book-2-Course formula

And lot's more such as…

There’s almost nothing we don’t cover in this unique presentation. 

  • Standout in noisy world
  • Productise your value
  • Your product family
  • Growth in digital courses
  • How to create your course
  • 3 reasons that stops Authors
  • The Authors advantage
  • Choose the right platform
  • The creation process formula
  • Learning objects to include
  • Course prototype
  • The Go-Live
  • Return-On-Investment calculator
  •  And much more…

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This offer is not available anywhere else.


All the slides delivered as an easy-reference guide to your presentation.


Complimentary Create-A-Course Workbook makes super-easy to follow-along, and complete the 7 exercises needed to convert your book into an excellent digital training course.

This offer is not available anywhere else.