Great handbook for eLearning rookies…

“The eLearning Designers Handbook”
by Tim Slade

Book review by Simon K Williams

Perfect for beginners or those less experienced who want to learn the best business practises to project manage their eLearning courses

Simon K Williams

The Pro’s:

  • Easy-to-read / consume
  • Well laid-out
  • Delivered in simple 5 step formula
  • No fancy-pants language
  • Simply outline of the project management journey for completing your eLearning project

The Con’s:

  • Not advanced enough for those with significant experience
  • Only focuses on project management
The eLearning Designer’s Handbook by Tim Slade

Video transcription:

Below is an auto-boted (that’s probably not a word, but it should be) transcription from the video. As such it’s likely to be imperfect, but if you’re a reader, rather than a watcher, listener, then this is for you…

“Hi there my name’s Simon K Williams

I help businesses grow using online digital assets

And today I’m gonna talk a little bit about e-learning

Now elearning is an area that’s been growing massively over the last few years and as I talk to you right now I’m actually kind of locked up at home we’re in the middle of the corona-virus

Right now it’s the 1st of April and no this is not an April Fool’s joke, and not surprisingly some of the online e-learning companies have just exploded financially

I mean they have just gone up billions of dollars

The industry’s gone up many millions of dollars in just the last couple of weeks and personally I think the industry is going to grow and grow

You’ve got hundreds of millions of people around the world that are learning to kind of being forced to engage with online e-learning tools

Largely for the first time and they’re learning that actually some of these tools work pretty good

And they’re not gonna stop knowing that once the world gets back into shape and once school opens again right

They’re gonna realize that actually some of these tools are really really good really powerful and can learn a huge amount online and using some of the new technology that’s now available to us

So if you want to learn a little bit more about eLearning you may well be thinking about getting your hands on a book and I’ve done just that myself with several books

And today I wanna talk a little bit about this book from Tim Slade called the e-learning designer’s handbook

I’ll just give you a quick outline

It’s really nicely laid out

I don’t know who designed it I’m actually assuming Tim did which wouldn’t make sense.

Sort of bullet points it’s really neat it’s got some nice or project plans and downloads worksheets which you can use

Now as it says on the front cover it’s called a handbook and that’s what you need to kind of remember

It does not pretend to tell you everything about the the industry and Tim makes that point himself.

It’s got a nice section at the end of this book too go on and get additional learning about other areas

It’s not going to guide you about what your project should be about that’s not what this book is for

It’s not going to help you market it

So if you’re an entrepreneur looking to launch an online project it’s not going to give you that kind of guidance about price points promotions marketing techniques anything of that nature okay

What this book is about quite simply is about project management

It doesn’t actually use that phrase anyone here that I’ve seen, but that is really what this book is about

And as such this book is perfectly positioned for anyone that is working for a client either there have got a boss or working on an internal project and you have been tasked with producing this item and you want to get a little bit more knowledge about how to do it.

Or you’ve stumbled into this area, you’ve got external clients you need to work with

Then this book is a perfect fit for you

I think it really is really really easy to use bite-sized you can kind of skim through it and get the basics of it and go back into a bit more detail if you wish

Make notes as you go through

You can see I’ve got a whole bunch of tabs here for that reason nice little points here

Now if you’re someone that has already produced lots of kind of digital assets before maybe like mobile applications web apps things of that nature and you’re used to the project management process

Then probably this book isn’t so valuable to you

You’re probably aware of the basic kind of steps and processes and this book is really just going to back up generally considered best business process to project managing those projects

I’ll just quickly outline this what’s available here and the chapters page

Tim breaks it down to nice five-step process

Step one – plan the project

Step two – draft of storyboard and Tim goes into a little bit of detail about the best way to do that which is great

Step-three – developed the call

Step-four – review the course and that’s really about getting sort of early adoption area doctors and get feedback from those users and then

Step five – delivering of the course making those into iteration improvements and then delivering the course

So that’s it…

If looking for a book on eLearning and particularly around project management then get your hands on this from Tim

You’re going to find it a great aid

Ok that’s it from me

Speak to you soon”

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